The hottest woman shoes summer 2018

If you want to be trendy next summer, the hottest woman shoes for this summer are spadrilles, mules and sandals.


Espadrilles are essential this season. We will see them in varied styles and materials: from spinning natural fibers, such as cotton, canvas and leather. There will be smooth options of all colors and will surprise the prints, especially flowers. They will be the unisex footwear par excellence.

Alpargata modelo Relax de Centoundici - LasLolas Shoes


Mules shoes had their great role in the decade of the 90. This type of footwear is among those who are sandals and clogs. Its main feature is that they only cover the front of the foot, leaving the heel exposed. As for the cue, it can be a needle or wide, or even have almost no cue.

Usually they accompany more formal outfits because they are very elegant, since it creates the illusion of a narrower foot. In the nineties those who used them in all their looks were Sarah Jessica Parker, who personified Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and the top model Kate Moss.

Mule Aria by LasLolas Shoes

The mules of this season surprise with super elegant and sophisticated models and can show off day or night. They are fabulous with a taier, suit or a tight dress. And, so that they are super distinguished, the best colors are sand, cream, brown, black, dark blue and white tones.


As for the sandals that come are the strips: multiple, finite, thick, with and without buckles, right or crossed. Those that will tread harder are those that are tied to the ankle. They are very sexy and are divine with dresses or shorts.

Sandal by Sessa

High and flat shoes

This season, we will see very varied proposals in relation to the height of the women's shoe. The flat shoes will be covered in super comfortable shoes, to walk all day without running out of foot, but we can not forget the salons or stilettos, which can highlight with elegance a jean look, or a pair of colored trousers.

Full color platform shoes

The platform shoes continue to reign urban style, combining height and comfort like no other footwear. We will see more neutral designs, but also sophisticated, full of color and accessories such as glitter, pompom,..., essential this season.